Freeze Dance

Do you want to be the cool parent, teacher, aunt, uncle or older sibling? Then you need this app on your iPhone!

Freeze Dance/Musical Chairs takes some classic children's games into the digital realm. This app takes any song on your iPhone or iPod Touch and turns it into a game by stopping and starting the music at random intervals.

Dance while the music is playing, freeze when the music stops. Want to play musical chairs instead? It works the same way.

Everyone circles the chairs while the music is playing, scramble for a chair when the music stops. Simple.

No more cheating by watching the person controlling music. Let Freeze Dance control the music while everyone has fun - no one is left out. My daughter and son play this for hours! They ask for the iPhone every night and dance around the house entertaining everyone.

Freeze Dance gives parents time do chores around the house (or take a much needed break) because the interface is simple. Even my 2 year old can play it without needing help.

Randomization and Auto-Restart is totally customizable. Make up your own games and set them up the way you want!

Give Freeze Dance a's fun and great exercise for you and your kids.